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Date: March 28th 2014

Thank you for your interest in the Grand Traverse Circuit. It has been a longer and colder than average winter. Please check out our calendar for some events that can take away the winter blues. Feel the need to MOVE; check out our Zumba classes. With two unique instructors you will be sure to find the movement and flare you enjoy! Feel the need to SING; join TC Sings for a little vocal exercise. Feel the need to play the instrument of the tropics; join the Ukulele Club and feel the sand between your feet. For more information on event held at the Grand Traverse Circuit, check out our calendar. If you would like more information on rental space please follow the link below Also come be apart of EARTH DAY PARADE SPRING BREAK and APRIL Parade building workshops! Our first workshops of the year! Presented by Little Artshram AT The Grand Traverse Circuit: LOTSA’ fun and amazing art-making happens each year in preparation of our beloved, annual Earth Day Parade. This year is our 25th Anniversary! Join Little Artshram and friends, at the Grand Traverse Circuit, April 1-3, for a three-day (2 workshop sessions each day) opportunity to build your own mask/costume and help in the building of a Magical, Music-Making, Eco-Trojan-like Horse for the parade! SPRING BREAK SCHEDULE April 1-3: Choose from six (6) workshops: Tuesday through Thursday, April 1-3; with two sessions offered each day: 10-12 Noon and 1 to 3 PM. Kids under the age of nine (9) need to bring an adult helper/parental unit with them. THANKS! Don't forget to register and reserve your place: 231-735-8370 or:

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